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1818 By Zee

Seance is an extremely interesting subject yet not many people even dare to approach it with confidence.

1818 is a cute and fun seance type of effect that you can perform anytime anywhere with only a deck and a sharpie.

It is cute because it uses a deck, nothing serious. It is fun because it still scares your spectators!

zee 1818

Apple Watch By Zee

Impromptu mind-reading without any previous preparation at its best.

Apple Watch is a multi-phase mind-reading routine that you can read thought of time and a city with borrowed phones.

Without any peeking or apps, you can know what exact time your spectator is thinking of down to minutes. The second phase is reading a thought of a city from foreign countries without any extra steps.


zee apple

Breathe Mint By Zee

Breath Mint is the cleanest version of Open Prediction that not only amazes laymen but also fools magicians.

Zee has done it in conventions to very few people because Breath Mint is like a treasure to him.

After guarding it as his pet effect for the last 5 years, he is finally releasing this to the public.

All you need is a borrowed deck. There is no set-up nor gimmicks involved. For mentalists out there, yes, he does not even touch the participant who is dealing the cards.

zee breath

Bunny Star By Zee

Multi-phase psychometry routine with an unexpected kicker ending.

All you need are 4 pieces of paper and a pen to perform strong mentalism that can touch your participants’ hearts.

zee bunny


Hello Bunny By Zee

A multi-phase routine that is built around the topic of coincidence and our hearts.

Happy Bunny is a fully choreographed routine that gets progressively stronger and emotional.

A zero physical technique is needed to perform Happy bunny. With your showmanship and original scripts, it can be an absolute tool to put warmth and beautiful smiles on people’s faces.

zee hello