YOU KNEW by Nefesch



YOU KNEW is one of the fairest social media prediction in the market.

It is impossible, you can truly become the next Nostradamus using this prediction.

With YOUKNEW you can predict the results of ANY EVENT, even the winner lottery number.

One of the most amazing features of this product is that you do NOT have to make and upload many videos! You just need to film ONE SINGLE VIDEO.

With YouKnew you will learn 3 different methods that will help you to make predictions on YouTube.
What method will you use, depends on what type of event do you want to predict.

Method 1: Using some of the YouTube features you can alter a pre-recorded video in order to make it look as if it was a written prediction. This method comes in handy to predict the results of any event that would normally have infinite odds (Like the lottery winning number)

Method 2: Using some of the YouTube features you can make a verbal prediction on YouTube. This method will help you to predict the results of an event that has less odds (Like a soccer match)

Method 3: Using a devilish idea you can register a video AFTER an event has taken place and yet make it look as if it was published days before! This method will allow you to predict ANYTHING! recommended when the prediction is made just a few days in advance of the event.

The YouTube link of the video is given to whomever you want (no short links are used neither re-direct links are used), it can be given days, weeks or even years in advance written on a paper that is secured inside of a sealed envelope. From this moment on you will NEVER have to switch the envelope at all, no loads at all, in fact you don’t need to touch the envelope ever again!

After the event that you are predicting has taken place you instruct the person that you gave the prediction to open the envelope, inside they will find a simple piece of paper with a regular YouTube link, this person should go on their device to watch that video. The video shows YOU talking to the camera about the event and predicting the outcome of it 100% accurately, the prediction can be made verbally (you speaking in front of the the camera simply saying clearly and verbally your prediction) or it can be written (you showing a printed prediction to the camera) or both (you showing your printed prediction while as well saying it outloud) depending on what is the event that you are predicting.

The video shows clearly that it was filmed, UPLOADED and PUBLISHED many days ago (the same day that you delivered the envelope; weeks ago, months ago, etc.)

If you decide to use this technique to predict the lottery winner number: YOUKNEW also solves the issue of why didn’t you play the lottery if you knew the winner number.

Here are some highlights:
Film and upload only one video
No switches or loads to the envelope
Perfect to predict the outcome of any event (sports, elections, lottery winner number, etc.)
The link given in the envelope is NOT a shorten link, or a re-direct link, IT IS THE REAL YOUTUBE LINK
Perfect to build and increase your social media followers.
Very Strong and Powerful for TV or Corporate events.

Ah! and one more thing:
To avoid any suspicious that the video was filmed anytime after the predicted event took place: you can film YouTube video at an other event that clearly took place before the predicted event; ex: During the Thanksgiving Parade, etc.

Ah! and one more thing:
If you wanted, you could make the YouTube video not only to show that it was uploaded many days before the predicted event took place; you could also make it look as if it was LIVE STREAMED on YouTube many days before the predicted event.


Q: Does it involve hacking?
A: No! everythign taught in this video is absolutely legal.

Q: Do I need to know a lot about computers?
A: If you are already familiar with YouTube it will be very easy for you to follow the instructions; if you are not familiar with computers at all it will take you more time to go through it; yet everrything is explained in detail in the tutorial.

Q: Can I really predict anything?
A: There are three method provided in this Video. With the third method you could literally predict anything, as long as you have ready everything that you will need. I encorage you to use this method responsible and only for entertainment porpoises.18