Woody on Stebbins Vol.2 by Woody Aragon



What happens when  a genius like Woody Aragon puts his attention on a principle as powerful as the Si Stebbins stack? The answer: Magic.

This is a must-have series for anyone interested in strong, entertaining and impossible card magic, regardless of whether you’re familiar with the stack or not.

In volume two of the series, Woody takes the stack to its creative limits, utilising it for effects as diverse as a birthday trick, a simple yet powerful poker demonstration, and even a book test.

This volume assumes you are already familiar with the basics of Si Stebbins, so the order, setup and properties aren’t covered. If you’re new to the stack then please first check out Vol.1

Running Time: 35 minutes


Birthday Card: A birthday message is waiting for the spectator in the exact position he selects under apparently impossible conditions.

Poker Deal: A quick, simple and strong poker demonstration, including an explanation of how return to the stack after dealing.

Book Test: This is a blockbuster mentalism routine, based on ideas from Anneman, Stewart James and Woody himself.