It’s the ultimate late-night magic session!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll find selected cards…

You’ll also learn the amazing secrets to:

TORN AND RESTRAWED: Two halves of a plastic straw visually MORPH into a single straw!

RUBBER ROOM RISE: Inspired by the Daryl’s legendary ‘Ultimate Ambitious,’ you’ll definitely be adding this stunning illusion to your own Ambitious Card routine.

COPPER SILVER CANADA: A ‘next level’ two coin transposition with a jaw-dropping finale.

SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT: A combination of a transformation and a torn and restored illusion, with a hard-hitting ‘full circle’ theatrical arc.

BOUND TO FOOL: One of the sneakiest methods to the ‘sandwich card’ trick ever. You won’t believe how ‘far ahead of the audience’ you are!

THOUGHT THIEF: Imagine being able to have a spectator experience the ‘vanishing of a memory.’ The ingenious principle behind this trick created serious buzz when it was first released, and spawned a ton of variations and applications.

DRY SPELL: A surreal experience with a timeless item from everybody’s childhood.

MAKING CHANGE: You’ll learn TWO ‘real world’ techniques for causing a borrowed quarter to visually DISSOLVE into two dimes and a nickle.

ONE BILL WONDER: Borrow a bill, tear it into pieces, and instantly restore it. All without any extra pieces – and you end CLEAN.

MR. STICK MAN: Bring a drawing to LIFE! This crazy commercial trick is fun, visual, easy to do and the ending always gets screams.

SWITCH PLACES ACES: This beautifully-structured series of transpositions is truly satisfying to perform.

“I knew it would be funny, but it’s freakin’ hilarious!!!”-Don Wheaton

“I watched it with a few magic friends. We waited for the pizza to arrive and then watched it from start to finish and we loved it.”-Ted Sawter

“The tricks are really practical, but the interview clips are real gold here. Hearing these two legends swap views on so many important topics is a dream come true.”-Jose Garcia

“The reactions I get with Thought Thief are unlike anything I’ve ever performed before. It actually scares people.”-Tobias Wiles

“One Bill Wonder is the kind of trick only Jay and Richard could’ve created. It’s the ultimate torn and restored.“-Donnie Blackburn

“Dynamite. These guys are the Lennon and MaCartney of magic.”-Del Morris

“Rubber Room Rise is amazing. It seems just so crazy impossible!”-Chad Sheiling

“I perform Mr. Stick Man every chance I get. One of the most entertaining and shocking tricks in my close-up repertoire.”-Stan Douglas