Weston’s Ways With Cards by Mark Weston



From the Foreword:

It has always been my aim to perform close-up magic impromptu, and with unprepared cards. This I do most of the time. Occasionally I find it is better to use the odd special card to enhance a particular routine, and as a commercial performer I have no qualms about this. In my view, the performer’s personality should override all else, the props being the tools of his trade. When the blend of personality and props is exactly correct, the performance becomes an entertainment … this is the aim.The routines in this book are designed to appeal to those using card magic as a vehicle for entertainment. All are audience tested and a large number of these routines are in my regular act, having been in my repertoire for many years.

Within the pages of this volume are new routines, along with improved twists and handling of existing routines, for the novice and expert alike. Each item is clearly described in meticulous detail, and the text is accompanied with numerous photographs and illustrations. Most of the effects are within the scope of the card worker, and with practise the novice will improve his technique by careful study of the photographs and illustrations.

  • Foreword
  • About Face
  • Seven Up
  • Ace Cutter Mark II
  • Under My Foot
  • Move To Show Both Sides Of A Card Blank
  • Fancy Deal Stop Trick
  • The Stop Trick
  • The Spinners
  • No Palm Foursome
  • Double Cross
  • Transpositions
  • Ace Cutter
  • Another Triumph
  • Magic Aces
  • Double Kicker
  • Club Night Interlude
  • Guarantee F.B.I. Card
  • Splitz
  • Multiple Card Shift
  • Flash
  • The Supreme Glimpse
  • The Last Card
  • More Incredible
  • Spectator Unexplained (After Vernon)
  • The M.W. Vanishing Deck
  • Hello Strangers
  • The Blue Deck Routine
  • Impromptu Cards Across
  • Card Up The Sleeve (After D’amico)
  • Second Sight
  • Sign Of The Cross
  • Two Faced Forces
  • Spectator Cuts The Aces
  • Force Yourself
  • In The Soup
  • Cards Through The Table
  • Spectator Match
  • Jumbo Flam
  • Moves And Sleights – Step-By-Step
    • The Double Undercut
    • The Double Undercut
    • The Reverse Double Cut
    • Hindu Shuffle Control
    • Injog Shuffle Control
    • The Riffle Count
    • Double Lift
    • Middle Double Lift
    • Right Hand Top Card Palm
    • Palming Of Several Cards In The Right Hand
    • The Glide
    • The Side Glide
    • The Half Pass

1st edition 1994, 126 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, 160 pages.
word count: 46090 which is equivalent to 184 standard pages of text