Wanderer by Sean Waters


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In Sean’s latest, he shares his timely “Second Dimensional Psychometry”, which is both relevant and logical. In Wanderer, Waters also shares his finest double thought-of card routine, “Cortex”, which features Sean’s trademark layered methods. He also shares his delightful “Temperature” routine which makes use of ideas you know, but in a way you wish you had thought of; he promises. “Ad Infinitum” provides an organic and appealing answer for revealing an unseen psychometric item. Maybe you are on the same path and will find this material a suitable companion.
“Sean’s new book is in the same style as his other works: Amazing presentations with very cool methods. His effects always give you a lot to think about. In here he presents cool ideas for psychometry routines, magic square, a multiphase Rubik’s routine, and so much more. Just the one idea of how to get one ahead in a psychometry routine is probably worth the price of the book. Sean will spark your own creativity and lead you down some amazing paths … that are full of wonder, mirth and deep meanings.” – Gregory Arce
Here are some specifics:
Subconscious Writing:
A participant inadvertently stumbles on The Second Step. As such, and without being cognizant of the means, he can intuit a number written out of view. It only took one-hundred years for this method to be updated. You will never go back.

A combination of two pieces that any journeyman should know. Temperature proves that their combination yields a more vivid experience that either can provide alone.

Second Dimensional Psychometry:
A reimagining of the psychometry theme that proves relevant, while speaking to your onlookers personal worth.

A layered double thought-of card effect which which (for many) will end in an expected detour.

As the centerpiece for Sean’s subtext, this routine uses a commonly used object to speak volumes regarding the human condition.

Ad Infinitum:
Sean’s organic solutions for two of the primary problems associated with Annemann’s classic routine will bring you immense joy. His whimsical script lends meaning and levity to the genre.

This is Sean’s reductionist take on his Avalon routine (2007). In short, a shared visualization ends in an astounding synchronicity.

Quantum Realities:
Even Schrodinger’s multiple theories must collapse into one explanation; uncanny influence. With humor and surprise, the rare jewels of mentalism, this routine will also enable you to book-end your show with no extra effort. It will provide the ending, you will need to structure the rest.

1st edition 2020, PDF 82 pages.
word count: 22713 which is equivalent to 90 standard pages of text