Tom Stone – Ebook Bundle by Tom Stone (Instant Download)



Tom Stone Super Mega Ultra Deluxe E-Bundle

Do we have your attention? Good, because this deal is extraordinary, and strictly limited. We’ve worked with Tom Stone to present his entire library of 19 ebooks. Available for a fraction of their usual price, this bundle is an outstanding deal, especially because of five these booklets are not available anywhere else, including from Tom.

These ebooks are stunning: not only are they full of the material and philosophy of one of magic’s most important innovators, but they look gorgeous. As you may know, Tom is a highly-skilled illustrator, and his schematics are both informative and stylized. The books are written with care and humor, and they are filled with Tom’s unique illustrations.

If you know of Tom’s work from his neo-classic Maelstrom and Vortex, you know that he innovates across all magic genres: you’ll find stage illusions, mentalism, as well as a healthy dose of card and coin material. Tom loves classics, and also invents his own plots (one of the ebooks focuses entirely on stage magic themed around “quiz shows”). Tom delves into deep psychological topics in his ebook dedicated entirely to misdirection. And he shows us how to approach manipulation acts, with an ebook dedicated to Multiplying Billiard Balls.

Here’s the point: there is something for everyone in this library, and these are books of the highest quality. This library has our highest recommendation, because Tom’s approach to magic is measured and thoughtful. It’s a steal at this bundle price, and you’ll have instant access to all of it.

Bundle includes:

A Bite My Dear
Abstract Passions
Benson Burner
Deserting The Legion
The Eye of the Last Dragon
Flatland Fever
Moonshine Monologues
Present Company
Prey of the Prestidigitator
Random Walk
Scribbles 2009
Sleepless in a Pipedream
A Toast for Charon
Tracking Mr. Fogg
Tripodal by Sundown

19 ebooks. Instantly downloadable.