Tim Hannig – Perform Upgrade Package

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Having talent is one thing, but successful performers have a multitude of other things to think about… connecting with audiences, creating and delivering memorable shows, and countless business details.

This book covers it all.

Tim’s words of advice are applicable to every performer!

Doc Eason, Multi-Award Winning Magician from the Academy of Magical Arts

This book is invaluable to the family entertainer, and it’s instantly apparent that Tim is an expert.

Joshua Jay, Magician, Author, and Lecturer

Fantastic, informative and will take my family show to a new level!

Tom Burgoon, Comedian & Magician

If you don’t buy this book because you’re not a “kid show” entertainer, you’re making a huge mistake! The boatload of practical knowledge in these pages has been gleaned from Tim’s thousands of shows, and any working magician would benefit from his vast storehouse of knowledge. I loved this book!

Ken Weber, Author, Maximum Entertainment 2.0

The amount of thought Tim puts into every detail of his performance is something we can all learn from, and you can tell he has thousands of shows worth of experience.

Christopher Carter, Corporate & College Mentalist, Speaker & Communication Expert

As a college entertainer, I perform in a completely different market than Tim Hannig — but as I read this book, that didn’t matter at all. It was so inspiring to see how Tim thinks of ways to make audience connections both on and off stage. These pages are filled with hundreds of practical strategies that can be tweaked and applied to any performing career. Without a doubt, PERFORM will be an important part of magic literature for years to come.

Zak Mirzadeh, Touring Illusionist

Tim Hannig’s new book arrived in the mail today! I’m already 25 pages in! Can’t wait to finish it, so I can read it again! I can already tell this is going to become a yearly read like Ken Weber’s Maximum Entertainment!

Joe Diamond, Mentalist

Book Report: “Perform” puts me to sleep.
That’s good news because I go to sleep reading “Perform.” I’m really enjoying it! It’ll take a while, but I’m sleeping well and am very happy. I’ve already concluded I need to reread it and take written notes. For now I’m just enjoying it, and yes, falling asleep.

Gene Anderson, Author, Magician, Consultant to Doug Henning, and Magic Creator

I’ve just started your book. Wonderful. As an aside, the book itself is an incredible work of art, but what you write inside is invaluable. There isn’t a single working magician that won’t be better off learning from your vast experience layed out in these pages.

Nathan Stockwell, Actor and Magician

Full color.

47 online videos. As you read through the book, you’ll find video links that relate to the content on that page.

456 pages.