Thought-of Cards From Pocket by Richard Osterlind (Instant Download)



“I can tell you first hand that if you believe your magic has to be difficult to fool an audience, you’re wrong. Richard proves it here. Learn what he’s teaching (both the trick and advice), take it and fry your audience.” – David McCreary

“Osterlind is arguably the best teacher in Mentalism – he knows the difference between what makes an effect just another magic trick or a mental miracle! Using one of my favourite card principles he teaches two effects that in the right hands can be reputation makers – on stage, in a bar, at a trade show booth.” – Alexander Marsh

When Richard Osterlind showed us his Thought Of Cards From Pocket routine not only were we fooled but we were shocked at how much Richard Osterlind gets out of this simple gimmick. It is a powerhouse routine with a SHUFFLED deck of cards.

Here’s what happens in the main routine “Thought Of Cards From Pocket”

In this powerful routine, a deck of cards can be shuffled by the audience. In a very fair manner,the performer has multiple cards looked at and then lost in the deck. The cards are placed in the performer’s pocket. After reading the mind of the audience the mentalist removes three cards from their pocket and reveals in any order that they are indeed the thought-of cards.

In addition to the primary effect, Richard also teaches a version where someone can look at a card, and then lose it in the deck while in another room. They bring the deck back, and in just the moment it takes to put the deck in your pocket you are able to learn the identity of the card. Richard Osterlind isn’t just giving you a single routine. He’s giving you a toolbox full of direct mind reading techniques.

What makes this download an absolute must for anyone looking to perform powerful mind reading effects with a deck of cards is Richard’s total mastery of the gimmick and the touches he has added to this lost classic. Richard offers insight to make the gimmick invisible to laypeople and even eliminates it from the mind of magicians. There’s no marks or stacks, and you can make the gimmick right in your own home. Osterlind clearly uses this method A LOT and once you’ve performed this routine you will consider carrying this gimmick with you everywhere. Not to mention it’s a super clean method for performing a test condition mind reading effect where a spectator is completely isolated from the magician. This is Thought Of Cards From Pocket presented by Richard Osterlind.