Think Nguyen – The Coffee Series 4



A serie of travel journals to share with you Think’s creative process through original and hard-hitting material. Mostly based on card magic. Follow his journey into the deep and meaningful understanding of Magic.
Content :
RUBBERBAND PRODUCTION : a haunted deck followed by a 4 of a kind production. Pure sleight of hands.
SHAKING SHAKING ! : I hate oil an water but this is my take on it. Some thoughts on why I hate it. Spectator shuffle the deck at the start and in the end phase. Just before you reveal the deck is separated in red/black.
YOUR CARD TO POCKET : an easy and direct thought of card to pocket that I’ve been using for years as an opener.
THOUGHT ON THE CULL : one of the most useful sleight in card magic, teach in details. Culling half a deck will become easy after you read the description.
STIMULATION SHUFFLE : an innocent and deceptive table false shuffle. It’s so intuitive you’ll use it very often.