The Umbrella Cut By Tom Rose



The Umbrella Cut looks exactly like a multiple swing cut but yet it is completely false. It is a close to perfect imitation and is indistinguishable from the innocent cut. Having refined and used this cut for almost a decade I left no stone unturned in this video download.

I will describe the basic technique as well as applications and nuances regarding the handling and the execution of this cut. These nuances can also help to make many other false cuts more deceptive in the real world.

“My go to false cut.” – Andrew Frost (Sleightlyobsessed)

„Love it, I use it everyday!“ – Simon Black

“Tom’s work and thinking on false cuts is outstanding, so deceptive and natural.” – Think Nguyen

“One of the best false cuts you can do.” – Moritz Müller

“When it comes to in the hands false cuts this one is a true innovation.” – Semjon Sidanov