This project is really more of a system that allows you to perform magic so visual, it looks like camera tricks.

With an hour of detailed instructions

Basic Split Card

Multiple versions taught in extreme detail so you’ll be off and splitting in no time! (you don’t actually have to split any cards. It’s much easier to make than that)

$$$ Split

Simply put…The most visual way to split a bill. You can use any currency from any country for this.

Box Split

Start with one box and in the most mind melting manner imaginable, you morph one box into two, then three. You close by taking a full deck out of the last box.

Ace Split

Split one ace into all four. This one absolutely FRY’s laymen and magicians alike. Use any aces from any deck. Make this gimmick once and you’ll carry it with you at all times just to see the looks on your spectators faces.

Biz Split

Split your business cards before handing them out. Talk about a reputation maker!! This can be done with credit cards, business cards, gift cards and much more!

Queen Off

Pull the face of a court card off and toss it back on. This is a quick and easy yet super visual one!