The Sphinx by William John Hilliar & Albert M. Wilson & John Mulholland


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You get all 52 volumes (597 issues), almost 17,000 pages as color PDF files (one for each volume). We have added to that a complete index stretching over 540 pages. (Don’t ask us how long it took to prepare this index because it will bring up painful memories.) Additionally you receive an introduction by Bill Kuethe, an article about The Sphinx by Gabe Fajuri, a presentation about The Sphinx also by Gabe Fajuri and the personal research A. M. Wilson’s granddaughter, Mary Syphus, conducted about Wilson.

One could write long articles about The Sphinx. Two are included as introductions to this ebook; one by Gabe Fajuri and another by Bill Kuethe. Another article was written by Gabe Fajuri in Magic Magazine, March 2002. The Sphinx is arguably the most important magic magazine and complete files are extremely rare. I am not absolutely sure but I heard that some early issues only saw a print run of 75 copies. A complete set in good condition goes today for around $5000. This is the time for you to own a complete file in digital form.

Here are a few of the names who have contributed to The Sphinx: Ted Annemann, Al Baker, David Bamberg, Ross Bertram, J. B. Bobo, Fred Braue, Jack Chanin, Milbourne Christopher, Joseph Dunninger, Ade Duval, Bruce Elliott, Dariel Fitzkee, Karrell Fox, Frank Garcia, Martin Gardner, Robert Harbin, Guy Jarrett, Fu Manchu, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Ed Marlo, Ed Miller, John Mulholland, Okito, Augustus Rapp, John Scarne, Matt Schulien, Slydini, Harlan Tarbell, Peter Warlock… and the list goes on and on. The Sphinx has more hidden gems than any single person can use in a performing lifetime.