The Modern Mindreader by Hewitt presented by Richard Osterlind (Instant Download)



Some of the most direct mind reading possible requires only a few slips of paper and some envelopes. A mainstay in Richard Osterlind’s act for nearly 15 years, Modern Mindreader is a 20-minute act that fits in your pocket and leaves audiences stunned.

In this piece, the audience is given some business cards, envelopes, and pencils. They write down some secret thoughts, numbers, even drawings, and seal the envelopes up themselves. The performer then collects the envelopes and is able to reveal what is written inside the sealed envelopes in a powerful yet mysterious way.

Touching on the work of Hewitt, along with his own additions after performing it for well over a decade, Richard teaches you exactly how to do some incredibly direct mind reading. This masterclass in envelope routines is perfect for anyone wanting to add this to their act, as well as seasoned professionals wanting to pick up some tips from Richard Osertlind himself. The download includes a full performance so you can see the choreography and scripting in action. The only question that remains is if you are ready to become a Modern Mind Reader.