The Magic Gourmet by Lewis Jones



Three quarters of these effects use playing cards. The rest use coins, bills, books, rubber bands, business cards and

  • Spectators read each others’ minds.
  • A tossed coin will fall heads-up or tails-up, as you wish.
  • You beat a gambler who plays by the random throws of two dice — even though the dice are imaginary.
  • You demonstrate that you can always tell when a player is bluffing.
  • You perform the 4-card Brainwave with four ordinary cards.
  • You push cards through the table, one at a time.
  • A signed card vanishes and re-appears inside a magazine at any pre-determined page.Anyone thinks of a card from a shuffled deck, then goes to the phone, and is told the card he is thinking of.
  • Someone grabs one of your cards and pockets it — what you do? You’ll find out how you can still come out on top.

002 The gambler
003 Sucker
005 The game of the name
008 The magnificent seven
012 The gambler does the right thing
016 Tell

021 The spectator as magician
022 Over and out
023 Any card, any number
026 The sorcerer’s apprentice

030 Cards as people
031 The tale of the miller’s wife
034 She loves me
035 Hup!
037 Knock on wood

044 Mind over matter
045 2-5-8
046 Dead stop
048 Head to head
051 51-skiddoo
055 Brainwave for two
058 Pas de deux
062 The card in your head
066 Third party
069 Triplets

075 Using more spectators
076 A la card
079 Grab
082 The card whisperer
064 Jiminy

088 Hand work
089 Elmsley Face-out
089 The crossover cut and control
091 Haymow all the way
093 The centre switch
095 Paul’s peek
096 Personal control
098 The jog force
101 Unturned prophecy

104 Elephants in Denmark
106 The hands must touch
109 Robber bairns
Coins –
119 Hat trick
122 Three through
129 Glucose tolerance
Books –
133 Word perfect
137 Magnum opus
139 Book of words
142 Calendar capers
153 Mr Memory comes to town