The Knowing by Mike Powers (Instant Download)



When Mike Powers needs to fool magicians and lay people, he grabs 21 cards. No seriously. He does the 21 card trick, but like you’ve never seen. No repetitive dealing sequences. No complicated math. You instantly know the card your spectator selected. This is The Knowing by Mike Powers.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces three piles of seven cards. A spectator picks up any pile, shuffles it, looks at the top card of that pile. They then put cards from another packet on the packet they are holding and bury that pile any of the other piles of cards in the table, shuffles the remaining cards and drop those on top. The thoroughly mixed up cards are then dealt face down on the table except for one card. Somehow the magician miraculously knows the exact card the audience memorized.

This looks like the 21 card trick, but it breaks all of the rules. Cards are shuffled. The entire procedure takes place with the cards face down. This amazing secret will baffle magicians and lay people alike. This turns a trick everyone thinks they know, and turns it on it’s head. This is The Knowing by Mike Powers.