The Expert at the Card Table: A Graphic Novel by David Trustman



The Expert at the Card Table has been the most stu’died card manipulation book for almost 120 years. For the first time you can meet the author S.W. Erdnase, the man shrouded in mystery, and session one-on-one with him. Every page is full of rich illustrations, complete with the original illustrations being re-inked and incorporated into this seminal work. Adapted and illustrated by David Trustman (The Rise, GOD Slap, The Memory Arts) The Expert at the Card Table Graphic Novel is an entirely true-to-the-original, but reformatted edition meant to be as reader friendly as possible. With almost an additional 100 figure drawings, this is the most expansive version of The Expert to date.

If you ever wanted to learn the material in Erdnase , then this is the book you need. The artwork is fantastic and it makes learning the Erdnase material so much easier, however you will need to put the work in. Absolutely first class and highly recommend. I wish I had a book like this, I would have learnt the Erdnase material more quickly.
Eddie McColl

This is hands down the best! Extra clarity added to every image while staying true to the original artwork gives this classic a much needed upgrade. If you’ve read expert at the card table 100 times, or just skimmed it, you have to add this amazing version to your collection.
Daryl Williams

Reading Erdnase’s book is now easier and much more entertaining than ever thanks to David Trustman. The illustrations are incredíble. Highly recommended.