The Decode Project by Matt Mello



The PDF covers multiple different methods of guessing letters, some of which involve the spectator saying disassociated information aloud, and other systems which can be performed without a single word ever being said or written down by our participant.

“Decrypt” is the main system, taught at the end of the book. I consider this to be my greatest method for propless mindreading, by a wide margin. The spectator simply imagines letters in the air that you’re able to guess. They’ve never written anything down, said anything aloud, or given you any valuable information.

But please, don’t confuse this with real mindreading. It isn’t just “Think of anything! You’re thinking of a duck!”

“Decrypt” is a process and a system that must be learned, allowing you to decrypt their chosen word, as well as reveal a TON of extra thoughts; even though they’ve said none of these thoughts to anyone. The best part is that you would never expect a true system of mindreading to be this simple and practical!

Sadly, at the time of writing this, The Decode Project is only prepared for the English language. I’m hopeful that other languages may prove workable in the future.