The Circle notes by Rico Weeland




The circle notes are a collection of magical effects which aim to give a maximum magical impact to your audience. Moreover, the notes explain different choices which were made during the construction of the routine so that the thought process of the author can be followed and different lessons can be learned from this.

These Notes include the following effects:

The Philosopher Stone

The ace of spades is magically produced and then proceeds to change 3 other random cards into aces one at the time, at the moment which they touch the ace of spades.

Mac Merlins Aces

A take on the classic “Mac Donalds Aces” or “100$ Card Trick”.

This version removes all of the process in the beginning, while making the routine progressively more magical.

The aces are seen until the last moment before they 1 by 1 go to the “leader pile”.

Magicians from all over the world have proclaimed this version to be the “Cleanest version out there”

By Touch of Creation

A card is freely selected and the back of this card is changed, then the back of a second card is changed and then the entire deck’s back design is changed.

This version doesn’t sacrifice a previous effect and is completely clean and magical. I believe that this routine together with Vernon’s are the best colour changing deck routines out there.

A Dual Coincidence

A take on the “Do as I Do” plot with one deck that removes the need to place the cards back in the deck before revealing them.

A part of the deck is handed to the spectator, the magician shuffles the cards and asks the spectator to do the same. After this the magician removes 2 cards from his packet and places them on the table, the magician asks the spectator to do the same.

The cards never leave the table and when they are turned over the 4 cards seem to match.