The Box Of Dreams – Luca Volpe PDF



“Luca, your book “The Box of Dreams” is great! I love your writing and creativity…Your books on mentalism are top notch!” – Jeff Mc Bride.

“Luca is so good, it is almost scary…and sacred. He is multi talented, multi lingual, multi multi! How he does it all I will never know!” – Marc Salem

“I had a great time with Luca and learned from his experience… now it’s your turn. Enjoy.”  –  Marc Paul

Luca Volpe is back with a limited-release book that many people in the mentalism community were waiting for. The release of this book was somewhat announced in the previous, now sold-out book, The Psychic Show, and from that moment hundreds of performers from all around the world have been contacting Luca, asking when and if this book was going to be available.


“The Box of Dreams” is a full stage show that can last up to 45 minutes (dependent on presentation style). It includes a wonderful Q&A Act with a “dream/goal” theme. The method is a technique that Luca has developed over years of performances world-wide, yet it is so easy and bold that you will love it!  This is a show that Luca Volpe still performs and is advertises on his website! This is exactly why the book is limited to only 180 people in the world.

In this book you will also find the “one-on-one” version of the Box of Dreams that Luca Volpe presents in his “intimate settings.” You will learn a wonderfully structured experience that will make you stand apart from the masses. In fact, we think that this act alone is easily worth more than the asking price — not for the “trick” itself — but for the original structure of it.

But the value continues with “Box of Dreams” as it also includes other ideas and routines using the “wishing stones” and much more!

The Box of Dreams effect (from the audience perspective), is a complete stage act, using the exact script that Luca uses.  Additional content even includes thoughts on executing readings, how to use pendulums, crystals and other applications. Additional content: In the book is also included a bonus routine for couple that will join the performer in the one on one performances. Routines for stage and close up using The Wishing Stones,including also a bonus routine on how to use the wishing stones before a Q&A act (Q&A Prelude). Andreas Sebring contribuited to the book with a full emotional routine and a reading system.

The book will come with a PDF certificate that will also guarantee you full performance rights. In this book you will also find some links to videos, audio and files to download.
“Luca is without question one of the hardest working performers in the art. He has his pulse on the industry and continues to astonish and impress both laymen and his peers alike both in performance and by way of his unique products.  He goes by the “Senti-Mentalist” and it’s the perfect name because he always puts the emphasis on making an emotional connection with his audience.”  – Joe Stevens