THE BOOK OF ELLA by Scott Creasey



In late 2007, while performing in Spain, I met a lady called Ella. She was on holiday with her parents and fiancé, staying in her parent’s holiday apartment. After the show, her family invited me to their table to do readings, during which they told me that Ella is a natural psychic who over the years had transitioned into delivering psychic readings and hosting psychic development classes and parties for private clients.

Ella and her family visited Spain twice a year and always came to see my shows, after which we would have a drink, share ideas, and discuss all things psychic.

In 2018, out of the blue, she emailed me a couple of ideas she’d used for entertaining guests, and I immediately wrote back to ask if she could send more, along with some essays outlining her approach to working as a psychic, with a view to publishing. This eBook is the result.

None of the routines in these pages are magician foolers, but none of them were designed to be; they are all simple and meant to be played for real. Each description begins with an outline of a genuine presentation, no tricks, no subterfuge, no deception, just the demonstrations as Ella presents them. These are those she uses all the time in her psychic work; they all include positive readings and are designed to empower the client.

After some of the genuine demonstrations, Ella has added a variation using very simple techniques that can be utilised, if needed, to reinforce the client’s belief system and, where appropriate, I’ve added notes of my own that I hope will highlight the psychology involved, maybe offer some alternative handlings, and hopefully reinforce just how effective these simple ideas play in front of the man in the street.

So if you are interested in how a practicing psychic thinks and sometimes uses a pinch of trickery here and there to enhance her genuine readings when working with clients, or if you are simply interested in the psychology behind the psychic, then welcome to ‘The Book of Ella’.


“The Book of Ella is a wonderful work. Something about Ella really resonated with me. Her genuineness, kindness and positivity you describe really came through in these pages. To learn from a practicing psychic is a real treat. It felt less like I was reading a book and more like I was attending a teaching seminar on advanced psychic methods and tools. What’s shared in these pages will help any psychic reader or mentalist create deeper meaning, more relevance, and more memorable experiences with their clients and audiences. This is real magic.”