Teleport by sleightlyobsessed



Four effects taken from my performing repertoire in which a single card teleports from one location to another. View the full trailer below.

Flash/ Flashback – A selection is placed into the middle of the deck and then teleports to the performers hand as it vanishes in the action of spreading the cards. The spectator is then asked to hold onto the deck and the selection vanishes from the performers hand to be found right in the centre of the deck the spectator is holding.

“Flash and flashback is a masterpiece. It’s what the Biddle trick would be if it was actually done with magic.” – Tony Chang

Hand to Hand – The spectator takes a freely chosen card and hands it to the performer who proceeds to visually show the card teleporting from one hand to the other.

“Andy’s card magic is what you want.These tricks are clear, fun, just the right amount of tough, and fooling. Any other criteria on your mind, you don’t need!” – Alex Hansford

Card to Pocket – This is the card to pocket that I have been performing for years. It is a go to for magicians and lay people due to how deceptive it is. The variation I teach allows you to show your hands clean throughout the effect and with no unjustified actions the spectators selection ends up in your pocket.

”’Andrew’s devilish subtle touches are what make him and his material elevate to another level!” – Zee Yan

Central Line – My variation on Earl Nelson’s Submarine Sandwich and another go to effect in real world settings. I go through a number of different ways to do the effect depending on the context in which you wish to perform.

“Every one of these effects is a real killer. Proper workers. You’ll be dying to perform these effects every time you pick up a deck.” – Alexis Conran

“In this project there is some VERY strong card magic. I recommend picking this up immediately.” – Christian Grace

Run Time – 1hr 15mins