Switch-A-Two by Mark Mason, Ian Fraser and Chris Payne (Video)



A devastating and invisible switch that happens right in front of the spectator’s eyes.

Roughly two decades ago, Mark Mason had the entire magic community in disbelief when he introduced “Switch-A-Roo” by Russel Niedzwiecki. It was one of the most talked about effects in magic for months.

Now, over the last year, Mark has worked closely with magicians Chris Payne and Ian Fraser to take the learnings from 20 years of performances and re-design this beloved device to be better than ever.

“Switch-A-Two” allows you to easily perform an incredibly versatile split second switch that is undetectable. Your spectator will never suspect a thing since it truly looks like you’re just grabbing something from your pocket. Openly switch playing cards, billets or similar items in the blink of an eye.

The best part? There’s nothing difficult to create or adapt. Just drop the “Switch-A-Two” gimmick into a jacket pocket and it will magnetically lock into place. It’s super easy to use and can be learned in minutes.

Here are just some of the amazing magic tricks you can learn with “Switch-A-Two”:

  • Seamlessly switch in gimmicked cards
  • Make unbelievable open predictions
  • Clean up any packet trick
  • Visually change double-faced cards or double-backed cards
  • Make signatures change places
  • Visually print blank cards
  • Perform very fair “Out to Lunch” style routines

Comes with complete instructions, including 6 full routines and a variety of bonus tips and ideas.

Jacks & Jokers
Two Jacks and two Jokers magically change places before changing into the four Aces.

All the Same to Me
A comedy prediction combined with a knockout punch ending.

Signed Transposition
Two playing cards change places and so does the spectator’s signature.

Signed Cards Across
This brilliantly clever take on cards across is highly-recommended and widely-considered to be the standout effect in the tutorial.

Open Prediction
A simple, direct approach to the open prediction effect, with a unique twist.

Four blank playing cards magically print, and then the entire blank deck of cards prints.