Stegosaurus by Phill Smith (Instant Download)



“This effect is baffling, intriguing and impressive. It is brilliant in every way, and you can carry it with you always. All you need to do is tuck a small (thin) packet of cards in your wallet, bag, purse, pocket or laptop case, and you’re always good to go. You can perform it anywhere, it will always entertain people and it will always leave them comprehensively baffled.” – Ian Rowland

You won’t believe this reputation-making MIRACLE from professional mind-reader Phill Smith. It’s practically self-working and looks absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.

And because nothing needs to be written down, it seems even MORE IMPOSSIBLE. Plus it means you can perform it ANYWHERE.. no pen needed.

PROFESSIONALS: No hypnosis, NLP or forcing. Stegosaurus is a pure joy to perform, and audiences LOVE IT. It’s instantly repeatable and takes up hardly any pocket space.

Watch demo #2 for a full uncut performance!