Sleights and Insights by John Carney



John Carney’s first major work in 10 years.

Sleights and Insights is full of original material for Close Up and Stage.

More than a just book of tricks, Sleights and Insights is about the process of creating, refining, and contributing to our own magic. More than a book of academic “theory,” it provides concrete examples of how we can design our routines more thoughtfully, improve our technique, and make our magic more natural looking and deceptive.

Herein lay startling visual magic with cards for close up as well as stage, elegantly designed coin magic, impromptu cups and balls, torn and restored innovations, puppets and photographs that catch selected cards from mid air, variations with a vanishing birdcage, and a haunted doll house where objects come to life, concluding with the appearance of a ghostly apparition … and much more.

Sleight and Insights offers a fresh perspective, that will make you look at all your magic with new eyes.