Sleightly Out Of Order by Patrick Redford



Following the massive success of “Temporarily Out of Order”, Patrick Redford is thrilled to introduce the second book in the “Out of Order” series—”Sleightly Out of Order”.

While you should read “Temporarily Out of Order”, you don’t have to read it to understand “Sleightly Out of Order”. You can jump right in!

While some of the routines use the Redford Stack, anyone who enjoys memorized deck magic will find great value in this book. Whether you’re a seasoned stack worker or this is your first adventure into the wonderful world of stacked deck magic, “Sleightly Out of Order” is a must-read.

“Sleightly Out of Order” features a foreword by the incomporable Max Maven and a phenomenal mix of both classic and new card magic plots. There’s everything from spellers to triumphs, to storytelling effects, gambling demonstrations, mentalism and even worthwhile approaches to the Sellers Diary effect. You’ll also find creative versions of the Tommy Wonder Elizabeth series alongside interesting applications of both the Gilbreath and Kruskal principles.

The routines in this comprehensive book explore the iconic Si-Stebbins system (which the Redford stack effortlessly transforms into with a quick overhand shuffle sequence), memorized deck orders, the Power/Parallel Stack, Heinlein Hold’em Stack, and more! While you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of The Redford Stack to enjoy this book, those who do, will find that all the memorized arrangements explored in this book are easily accessible from The Redford Stack—a fantastic bonus feature!

You’ll also find a variety of routines that can be performed with ANY memorized stack order alongside card miracles that wont require any sort of learned memorization. There’s even a fun effect that uses our very own Level One gimmick.

Of course, no Redford stack book would be complete without unlocking more of the built-in features specific to the Redford Stack!

“As you will soon see, Patrick has investigated many nooks and crannies in his pursuit of interesting material… With so much to choose from, it would be difficult to name my favorite, but at the moment I’d single out “Duncical ACAAN,” a whimsical (and surprisingly sensible) version of that popular plot, the latest development of an approach that Patrick has been working on since 2003. He has published earlier solutions; I like this more.”Max Maven

“I’m a student of memorized deck magic, and Patrick Redford continues to surprise and impress with his latest volume of magic, Sleightly Out of Order. In particular, the half-stack work was extremely interesting. He has truly explored every ounce of the stack and teaches it with care and detail.” Joshua Jay

“This book is absolutely excellent. I’ve always felt that the memorized deck can be made so much stronger when combined with sleight of hand. This book contains not only routines with the Redford stack but also effects that you can use with ANY memorized deck. Definitely check out Sleightly Out of Order!”Harapan Ong

“In my opinion, Patrick Redford is one of the most unappreciated creators and thinkers in magic today. Sleightly Out of Order goes deep into the topic of memorized deck routines. …I highly Recommend it!” Karl Hein

Patrick Redford is a very smart man and this hands off ACANN in Sleightly Out of Order makes me think even more highly of him, if that was even possible.”Jon Armstrong

“When I’m trying to solve a magic problem, I call Patrick Redford and he either solves that problem or points me to a great book that solved the problem a long time ago. Sleightly Out of Order is no exception. The tricks built into the Redford stack it are super dope. The construction is really really smart and you’d definitely benefit to learn them.”Ben Seidman

“There’s a reason Patrick’s one of my go to people when I’m developing new effects and routines for my show. He’s so knowledgeable in all things magic and mentalism and that’s definitely apparent in his latest book, Sleightly Out of Order. In it he dives deeper into the Redford stack which he developed and introduced in his last book, Temporarily Out of Order but you can use any stack that you’re comfortable with. He leaves no stone unturned in his explanations because dives deep not into how to do the effect but also why. Patrick is also the king of crediting so you get a little glimpse into his thought process in how he develops these amazing ideas. Some of my favorites include ‘Your Luck is in the Cards’ which takes a probability principle and makes it surefire; the ‘Perpetual Birthday Card’ that modernizes a standard plot by using technology so it’s applicable to any performing situation in today’s times; and also ‘Never Going to Give You Up’ which is not a ‘Rick Roll’ but an amazing truth teller/liar presentation that allows you to tell how many cards a participant cuts to, what card they’re thinking of, as well as many other cards they’re gazing their vision across to think of. It’s really incredible. This book definitely deserves a place on your bookshelf and I hope you check it out.”Eric Dittelman

“I remember The Professor stating, ‘Many magicians stop thinking too early.’ I know Dai was not referring to Patrick Redford who I consider one of the best creative and genius thinkers in magic today. ‘If you are a serious minded magician, Patrick Redford’s material is a must to have.” Howard Hamburg

When I first started to use a memorized deck I first choose Juan Tamariz’ Mnemonica. I bought Redford’s first book, Temporarily Out of Order with no intention of changing the stack I had already memorized. Once I got deep into Redford’s stack I found that it had more possibilities for me than Mnemonica did. Of course, I could get it into both a new deck order and a shuffled deck in use. I could also get into Si-Stebbins, Memorized Stay Stack, or virtually any stack I wanted. If I wanted a red black stack all I need to is shift three cards. The Redford stack is also packed with Poker deals. Among the many powerful routines in this newest work, I’m enamored with the Texas Hold’em deal that allows me to deal any hand called for. If you’re starting into memorized deck work, I would definitely urge you to check out The Redford Stack before making your final decision on which stack to learn.”Jim Turnpaugh