Silent Poets by Fraser Parker



Silent Poets MEM is the sixth limited hard-back book from Fraser detailing his unique approach to prop-less Mentalism and his use of words to shift perception in order to create the illusion of real magic.

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Total pages:  224

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Silent Poets by Fraser Parker

If you want to be able to speak to strangers and with your words shift the perception of those you meet in order to create the illusion of real mind reading and wish to learn the latest ground-breaking inner secrets to reading minds without props from a master in his field, you will want to get hold of his latest limited book before it sells out completely!

Fraser and a few of his close friends have been mostly responsible for the innovations that have led to the acceptance of prop-less as a genre and it becoming a viable tool and means of expression, within the art form.

In this book Fraser continues his exploration of entirely new principles and techniques that allow you to create the illusion of real mind reading utilizing nothing but your words to make it work, as well as sharing with you various new ideas utilizing props such as playing cards, a pen and pieces of paper.

This book contains entirely new ideas from Fraser, whilst also building on what has come before in new and interesting ways.

Even if you don’t own any of Fraser’s previous releases, you will still be able to perform everything he teaches in this book, as it will stand on its own.

Some of what is made possible with this work is.

Know what categories your spectator is focusing on, utilizing clever conversational language to link and unlink thoughts, without props.

Know what colour or word a spectator is focusing on after they have changed their mind multiple times. This binary option can then be used to unlock other thoughts. This is a new prop-less utility.

Create a situation where the spectator focuses on “yes” or “no” answers mentally and you are able to silently follow along and nail specific information they are focusing on, without props.

A way to draw a few symbols on a piece of paper and have the spectator focus on the symbols relevant to their life in order to reveal specific pieces of information. This is the impromptu version of something Fraser plans to release as a book test that utilizes symbols in the future.

Fraser also includes his spectator key card placement with a deck of cards where everything happens in the hands of the spectator. The spectator shuffles a deck of cards face up while the performer looks away. They remember a card they see during the shuffling procedure and then continue to shuffle the deck before handing them back to the performer, yet you will always be able to divine their card or use it to achieve other effects in the book. They do all of the work for you!

Also taught is Fraser’s entirely new and never before seen solution to the Open Prediction plot utilizing a deck of cards.