What is Separagon?

A brilliant move that allows the magician to secretly separate cards without ANY sleight of hand. Odd from Even, Black from Red, Back from Face, and more. No difficult culling procedures or technical handlings are involved. Only a table or other flat surface is required. You’ll learn this move in minutes and be able to add it to your repertoire almost immediately.

Woody has curated 5 of the most potent, diabolical routines using the Separagon, and teaches them in painstaking detail from multiple camera angles.

    •  Oil and Water
    •  Ambitious Suit
    •  Memorization of the Cards
    •  Progressive Order
    •  Triumph


Additional Content:

    • How to utilize TPC (Tamariz Perpendicular Control) with Separagon
    • Open Index – With the deck in your pocket, be able to remove ANY named card at a moment’s notice
    • Multiple Anti-Faro – A nearly self-working way of “unshuffling” the cards


Further Tips on:

    • Psychological points and justifications
    • The spread
    • Juan Tamariz’s handling of Separation