Secret Passages Vol. 1 by Andreu & Ever Elizalde



“Secret Passages Vol. 1 is an incredible collection of amazing methods in mentalism! I highly recommend this creation by Andreu and Ever Elizalde.” – Uri Geller
Secret Passages is a new collection of mentalism by Andreu and Ever Elizalde.
We have decided to compile some of our greatest mentalism creations developed over the years and release them in several volumes. This is an amazing collection of practical mentalism concepts, ideas and essays.
All killer material for any venue – close-up, stage or parlour.
Volume 1 contains:
The Devil’s Eye – This devious concept will allow you to get to know any written information sealed inside an opaque envelope which can be examined and held by the participant.
The Difficult Ploy – An amazing subtlety by Robert Watkins in order to give any free choice to your participants and allow them to change their minds before revealing their thoughts.
Black Moon – A highly innovative and original approach to Max Maven’s Kurotsuke. This will make performing Kurotsuke not only simple but also very intimate, fun and devastating in your spectator’s minds.
Extraordinary Perception – An elegant demonstration of ESP powers, in which the participants make all the choices, deciding from several piles which one stays and which one goes out of play. The participant’s choices are entirely free, yet the mindreader always knows the correct ESP card below any selected pile of symbols.
Locked Premonition – A direct and simple way to predict anything, anytime, anywhere. A minimalist yet very intriguing mystery.
Psychic Vs. Psychological (Essay) – Ever explains some of the approaches to mentalism and his views about them as well as tips and advice for your character.
Be Yourself (Essay) – Andreu explains how to be more original in any mentalism performance. How to guarantee you will strike your audience or participants with your very own unique approach and personality.
“Believe it not, Andreu has come up with another peek envelope. You will have to do some arts and crafts – plus buy a couple of things you might not have around the house – but once made it will last and can be used over and over. Within the book you will also get a ploy to make it seem like a spectator can change their mind after you know their information, and a funny routine based on the Maven’s Kurotsuke effect.
There is a routine using marked ESP cards by Andreu and you’ll also get Ever’s take on Maven’s Positive/Negative idea which ends with a prediction of something the spectator said earlier in the routine. Along with the effects you get two essays on mentalism and performance from both Andreu and Ever, I think there’s enough variety in this book that there’s something for everyone.”  – Greg Arce