Secret Agenda by Roberto Giobbi ( eBook)



Secret Agenda by Roberto Giobbi

A Day Book of Magical Secrets

Secret Agenda is your
invitation to spend a year inside the head of Roberto Giobbi!

There, for
every day of that year, you will open a fresh door in Giobbi’s mind and have
something surprising and enriching spring out to greet you-a new trick, sleight,
technique, refinement, performance tip, business strategy, concept or insight,
drawn from the thoughts, experience and notebooks of a full-time international
performer and one of magic’s great teachers.

With Secret
Agenda, Roberto Giobbi, the world-renowned author of the Card College
and Card College Light series, has written an invaluable text for his fellow
magicians, and one entirely unlike anything in the literature of magic.

Secret Agenda contains 366 articles, one for each day of
the year (plus one extra for leap years). The reader is invited to read just one
of these articles a day-enjoying, learning, absorbing or being challenged by
fresh thoughts and information-throughout an entire year.

For over four
decades, Roberto Giobbi has devoted his life to exploring the world of
magic, learning deeply about it from its vast international literature and the
greatest magicians. Those whose unpublished work Giobbi draws on include Fred
Kaps, Ascanio, Juan Tamariz, Lennart Green, Vanni Bossi, David Williamson and many others.

Over the years Giobbi has methodically, meticulously,
exhaustively kept records of all he has learned. Secret Agenda is
more than the work of one performer. It is an accumulation of priceless
information, gathered from the finest minds in magic, past and present, laid out
idea by idea, day by day, for the reader to enjoy and profit by.

the material presented addresses in part the expected field of card magic, it
covers much more: coin and close-up magic, platform and stage conjuring, theory,
philosophy and humor. Secret Agenda is wide in scope, with
invaluable information and insights for all magicians.

We have attempted
to give a work of such uniqueness a fitting format. Secret Agenda is a large, sumptuous volume, indexed, bound in ornately foil-stamped cloth, and
includes a book ribbon-a volume comfortable to the hand and inviting to the
mind, offering pleasure for much more than one year, and advice for a lifetime.