Real Change by Juan Pablo (Instant Download)



“I love Real Change because it is slow and the magic really sinks into their hearts. Great job!” – Joao Miranda

“Another great idea from the brilliant mind of Juan Pablo.” – Charlie Frye

“It’s the first time that I have seen four completely examinable $1 dollar bills slowly and visually transform into four $100 dollar bills that can be re-examined. And best of all, all without a gimmick!!!!” – Henry Evans

This is the final answer to the question, “Can you change a $1 into a $100?” Many magicians have tackled the iconic effect of changing four one dollar bills into four one hundred dollar bills. Argentina’s Juan Pablo was the only one to do it without gimmicks, and to be able to do it with borrowed bills. The absolute best part? ALL of the bills are fully examinable.

The Real Change is a gimmick-free, pure sleight of hand method for performing an effect that looks like the classic Pat Page Fast Cash trick where four one dollar bills visually transform into four one hundred dollar bills, but this is so much better. There truly are no gimmicks, and with just pure sleight of hand you can end completely clean.

Taught in detail by Nick Locapo, you’ll not only learn the setup but also how to do this with borrowed money. Imagine being able to borrow money from your spectator’s wallets and cleanly transform it into 20’s, 50’s, or even 100’s that are completely examinable. In addition, you learn seated and standing variations so you can perform this miracle in any situation. The Real Change is the real deal. Download it and start really transforming money and your magic.