Pocket Seance by Jamie Daws



An impromptu seance routine using props you’ll find virtually anywhere!

‘Pocket Seance’ is a eerie bizarre piece designed to be performed at the drop of a hat using nothing but items you will find around you. Displaying three small pieces of folded paper, a pencil and a wine glass, you explain that you and spectators are going to summon the spirit of someone past. You ask them, if they were to sit down to dinner with a deceased celebrity, who would it be? They write the name of this person down onto a piece of paper without anyone seeing. The paper is folded and the spectator confirms it cannot be seen through. The paper is then torn up and placed into the wine glass.

The performer then takes one of the remaining pieces of paper and writes the word ‘Yes’ upon it’s centre. He takes the second piece of paper and writes the word ‘No’. These are folded up and mixed being placed on the table. Then everyone places their fingers on the base of the wine glass and the performer proceeds to ask questions about the celebrity they wish to contact. ‘Are you male?’ The glass seems to move upon its own accord to one piece of paper. The spectator confirms it is a male. The piece of paper the glass moved towards is opened and the word ‘Yes’ is displayed. This is again repeated twice more.

Finally, the ‘Yes’ and the ‘No’ pieces of paper are folded together and squeezed by the spectator. They close their eyes and even though no one has gone near them, they comment someone touched them on their hand. When they open their hand, the papers are unfolded and the name of the deceased celebrity is written on one of the pieces of paper. Proving once and for all that the spirits are among us!


Jamie is joined by the dark-fully delightful Terry Tyson who has written for some of the biggest bizarre publications in the world and often appears at conventions and gives lectures to the bizarre community. Together, they discuss the core method, the centre tear, the psychology behind the movement of the glass, the routining and finally they discuss extra ideas including a living and dead test. The core method can be used in a tremendous amount of ways and you will come up with tons of different ways to use it!

You will also be able to download a second video file in which Liam Montier joins Jamie to discuss a killer variation of Pocket Seance that works beautifully over Zoom! The artwork for this version is also provided ready to print at home! This is a jam packed download which will allow you to create spooky stories in any situation and environment!