Piano Card Project by Calen Morelli



Don’t let its modest price fool you, The Piano Card Project contains the secrets to creating’ one-of-a-kind card gaffs that allow you to visually melt one playing card into another in ways unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.

These innovative gimmicks give you control over the changes like a skilled composer sitting behind a piano. You can adjust the timing, the visuals and all the key moments as the holes or writing on a card move, or the colors change, in a gorgeous flash of magic.

The Piano Card Project offers methods for both beginner and advanced gaff makers. In fact, the simple, easy version can be built in less than 30 minutes by magicians with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE. While the advanced version offers valuable insights for skilled gaff makers that want to take their gimmick-making to new levels.

This is more than just a new trick or visual moment for TikTok or Instagram. For just the price of a quick lunch, The Piano Card Project allows you to unlock a variety of revolutionary new possibilities for visual magic.