A 32 page eBook to performing incredible magic with the DMC ELITES marked deck, the Passport for Marked Cards contains 9 amazing pieces of close-up card magic ready to be performed by magicians of any skill level. Written by acclaimed magic creator (and designer of the ELITES) Phillip Smith, the effects in the Passport for Marked Cards walk users through the features of the deck and introduce key concepts that will elevate your magic and your use of the ELITES playing cards.

Each effect is clearly explained and broken down into effect and method and requires no previous knowledge of card magic or using marked cards. Ranging from quick and simple to layered and devious, the book contains effects that are fun and straightforward to perform. You will learn how to do the legendary inferance read and know what card the spectator has chosen without even seeing the marks, memorise the deck in a heartbeat and even inexplicably know the audience member’s exact date of birth.

A simple guide to a range of high impact professional-grade card tricks with the marked deck that anyone can do.