PAROUSIA: Three Mind Reading Effects With Cards by Ross Tayler



PAROUSIA contains three direct mind reading effects with playing cards, and several variations of these.

You will learn

The O Force:

Have a spectator think of a card, change their mind, and it perfectly matches the card you placed on the table (no switches).

This force can also be used for a completely hands off ACAAN.

This method is completely psychological, but I’ve been using it in my performances for years. The tips given on this project will allow you to perform it with the same level of confidence.

The Kings Force:

Have a spectator shuffle a deck of cards, spread them towards themselves, and think of any card. Not only can you reveal their card, but you even narrate their thought process, and reveal other cards they considered.

In my opinion, this is the single best thought of card divination that exists. It’s fooled some of the best magicians in the world, and I use it every time I perform.

The [To Be Decided] Location:

This (as yet nameless) location allows a performer to reveal two cards thought of in the cleanest possible manner. Two spectators cut to random positions in the deck, with the performers back turned. Without even touching the deck, the performer starts revealing details about the card, and is always guaranteed to produce both cards in the climax.

This method is deeply fooling and 100% reliable. Again, it has fooled many of the UK’s most intelligent card handlers, and yet is one of the simplest effects in my arsenal.

I perform each of these pieces as direct mind reading, however all of them could be easily adapted to any effect in which a card needs to be selected, if the performer wishes to add extra layers of impossibility and deceptiveness. What is taught here are methods, and I’m excited to see how you apply them, to create original pieces of magic for yourself!

This project runs 1hr and 15 mins. It is shot in conversation with Andrew Frost (@sleightlyobsessed). Viewers should be aware that the style is very loose and casual, and this project contains profanity.