Nathan Colwell LIVE (Penguin LIVE)



“Nathan Colwell is an excellent creator, performer and technician. But above all, Nathan is a thinker – a deep thinker. He’s also relentless in his pursuit of perfect solutions. When you put these qualities together in a lecture, it’ll be one that you will regret missing.” –Mike Powers

“In the world of card magic, we feel like we seen it all. Nathan is one of the best guarded secrets in card magic. His solutions and approaches to card magic are elegant and sophisticated. Any student of magic should pay attention to his work. I know Marlo would.” –Luis Carreon

“I’ve seen Nathan perform magic tableside at a restaurant, stand up at a lounge, behind the counter of a magic shop, on the floor of a magic convention lobby, and on the floor of a subway. He delights me with his precise and natural sleight of hand, his depth of knowledge, his sense of humor, and his eagerness to share all this with his audiences. I know you will also be delighted with his magic and gain a lot from the experience. Highly recommended.” -Steve Reynolds

What will he teach?

11 magic packed card routines that range from nearly self working to knuckle busting monsters. There is something for everyone, along with full credit to all of the sources that I referenced while developing these routines. You’re bound to discover some new tricks you’ll love.

Flash Cyclic Location- A number of cards are randomly chosen from the deck and their values fed into a calculator, and that number is then multiplied by a number taken from a die mentally rolled by your spectator. The sum total is then located by the magician.

Nice Tri Sweetie Pie- Two spectators sign two different cards, and a third spectator writes the date on yet another card. In one magical moment all three cards fuse into a single card which can be given away. This is a great alternative to the anniversary waltz for when you have no gaffs but still want to leave the audience with a real miracle.

Redivivus Revisited- A novel take on a classic packet effect- Twisting the Aces. Using any four of a kind and a genuinely surprising ending where the fourth card vanishes from the packet and reappears in the middle of the deck.

Direct Ace Cutting- Three different spectators cut three different packets, and everyone has cut to an ace. It’s fast, powerful, and easy to do. A great effect as an opener whenever approaching a table of three people to get everyone involved in the magic.

Rise-Rise-Rise Coda- The classic Marlo effect of Rise rise rise is a beautiful and methodically ambitious card effect. I’ve experimented with it for years. I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on this effect and how I have turned it into a multiphase face up ambitious card that is as rewarding to learn as it is to perform.

21st Nervous Breakdown and 2112- The 21 card trick is my favorite card trick. What other magicians view as a children’s trick for lay people to perform, I view as one of the most beautiful effects in all of magic. I’ll teach you two variations of this trick that not only deconstruct and shuffle up this classic effect, but will get you as excited about it as I am.

Hofzinser’s Suit Selection- The spectator cuts off a small packet of cards and selects a card from that packet. They memorize the suit of that card. Magically the packet of cards the spectator cut off transforms from random cards into all 13 of the suit they chose.

Henweigh- A selected card appears between to jacks. As I put away the selected card it reappears between the two jacks. A second and then third card appears between the jacks and are placed on the table. The jacks are placed back in the deck and when the tabled cards are turned over the cards removed from between the jacks were the jacks themselves. This trick catches you audience completely off guard with it’s surprising finale.

Snowflake Assembly- Four kings gradually travel from packet to packet and assemble into a final packet. This challenging effect will teach you some new and exciting moves that you’ll add to many of your own packet effects. This one is a lot of work, but I think you will have a lot of fun learning it.

Untitled 3 of Clubs Trick Variation- The magician openly places a card on the table and has a spectator name their favorite card, the card is turned over matches the card they named. A second prediction is placed on the table and the second spectator names their favorite card. The prediction transforms into the first spectator’s selection, and the first selection is revealed to have transformed into the second spectator’s selection. A third card, chosen by the spectators then magically appears between the original two selections. Based on the 3 Clubs Trick by RW Hull, this is an opener I have used for years to hit my audience with a lot of magic and also get huge reactions.

Earth, Sky, Stars- Out Of This World is arguably one of the most popular card plots in magic. I’ll be sharing with you my approach to out of this world which starts with just a couple of cards, then a small packet, and then the entire deck. The audience is able to correctly divine the color of every single card in the deck, making no mistakes, building to an astonishing climax. This routine mixes multiple methods with psychology that gives the audience no way to back track to the secret.

Who is he?

Nathan Colwell is a card magician based in Chicago, IL. He is known in the magic community for his work as a researcher, writer, and creator. He has performed magic since 2004 and done hundreds of performances both throughout the US and internationally.