More or Less Chaotic by Luis Medellin (Instant Download)



In this brand new video download you will find 3 new and chaotic (more or less) card magic routines.

You will learn:

The 3 Shuffles
The magician shows a completely shuffled deck, and in order to convince the spectators gives 3 clear shuffles to the cards. Once everybody is convinced the deck is totally shuffled, the deck changes into a new order deck. No deck switches and no gimmicks.

In this section you will also learn my false shuffle,

The Ritual
Magician performs a magic ritual that allows to find all the cards you want, for example the four aces, after a chaotic/classic ritual, the trick ends with a big surprise.

thought card at thought number
An easy card magic trick based on an old principle, the effect is that the magician finds a thought card in a thought number.

You will learn new moves and concepts to incorporate into your own card magic.