MOMENT’S NOTICE LIVE 2 by Cameron Francis



“Moment’s Notice contained a superb collection of impromptu card effects. In this second volume, Cameron has done it again … in fact, this second volume might even be better than the first, if that is at all possible!” — Peter Duffie

“This is the kind of material I like, not difficult to do and with the EFFECT in mind!” — Aldo Colombini

“Cameron’s material from the Moment’s Notice series makes me want to go for a swim in Antarctica. It’s that freakin hot!” — Donny Orbit

“I didn’t want Moment’s Notice 1 to end. This one picks up perfectly where the last left of. Filled with brilliantly commercial impromptu effect ready to slot into my cache of everyday tricks! Solid stuff Cameron!” — Jamie Daws

“Having great impromptu material is what separates the men from the boys. Moment’s Notice 2 will get you there quicker” — Ryan Schlutz

All six tricks from the original “Moment’s Notice 2” ebook are now available for the first time on video! Just like the first “Moment’s Notice Live,” Cameron has revisited the tricks in the second ebook and made significant improvements. This jam packed 45 minutes download features brand new handlings and subtleties that amp up the impact of these tricks to eleven!


Inter-Changeling – A no-palm variation of Jerry Sadowitz’s popular “The More Things Change” (aka “Interchange”) plot!

Hof the Case – Hofzinser meets Roy Walton’s “The Collectors” in one amazing card effect.

P’ Wave – An easy to do mental shocker.

Re-Twixt & Between – An ungaffed handling of Peter Duffie’s “Betwixt & Between”. A lot of magic for very little effort,

Collision – Two cards collide to form a selection. A super visual effect!

Twisted Limo Service Revisited – Kings twist and transpose in a dizzying display of dexterity!