Miscellanea – Hector Chadwick



Miscellanea is a collection of bits and bobs from my laptop that I got printed and bound for Mind Summit, 2016. It’s mostly theory, and it’s mostly mentalism, and it’s very often both, so if neither of those areas particularly floats your boat, you’ll be much better served buying a different pamphlet from another magician.

As I say in the introduction: “it contains two tricks—only one of which you’ll ever do—and four essays—only two of which you’ll actually care about.”

I do, however, write about stuff that’s important and worthwhile to me: overused and thoughtless lines in magic, the abundance of words in most mentalism shows, ensuring the memory of a trick can’t be casually explained away. I also discuss the opener I used for my old stage show and teach you a mental-flavoured card trick I occasionally perform. Denis Behr has logged the contents here, on his most excellent website.