Mirror Mirror by Think Nguyen (Instant Download)



Think Nguyen has taken the classic “Do as I Do” and given it, a professional makeover, with a kicker ending that will surprise every audience. Magicians may also be fooled (I was), when they realize there isn’t a second card left in your pocket at the end.

What you’re getting is a polished, professional routine with multiple handlings taught, from easy to advanced, plus bonus tricks that involve PIN codes, and phone numbers.

Here’s what happens:

From a shuffled deck the magician offers the spectator to cut half the deck and shuffle it themselves. The magician and the spectator each swap cards. When those cards are turned over they are discovered to be a four of a kind!

Think’s handling is so direct your audience won’t see it coming. You don’t just match two cards, you match all four. Plus, as a bonus Think offers alternative handlings so that you could reveal a pin number or other secret four-digit number. Additionally, this master card magician from Belgium teaches a couple of additional more challenging moves to help you end ultra clean. This is Mirror Mirror by Think Nguyen.