Mind Over Mentalism With Jamie Daws Instant Download



In this Alakazam academy, I will be teaching you powerful, hard hitting mentalism designed to be simple to perform, get incredible reactions and ultimately get you bookings.
I’ll be discussing in-depth my handlings of ‘PK Touches’ including ‘PK Ball’, ‘Finger Force’ and my absolute favourite, ‘PK Whispers’. I will also be sharing an idea which will allow you to perform ‘PK Touches’ over video calls.
I’ll be discussing my simple but bold fork bending routine which has been developed in performance over the past 2 years and gets me tagged in lots of social media posts.
On top of this, I’ll be discussing a killer idea for a peek envelope, effects perfect for zoom, and even a brilliant prediction routine using two mini Rubik’s cubes and a cup.
This is going to be jam packed with strong, powerful mentalism that you can start performing straight away!
Fork Bending – The simplest boldest method mixed with some classic bends to create a fork bending routine anyone can do!
Who? Where? Wow! – A one ahead routine that uses its weakness as a strength! Used in my virtual shows, this is a beautifully constructed routine that feels like real mind reading!
PK Touches – Three of my handlings for PK Touches! My go to routine and performed hundreds if not thousands of times!
Puppeteer – A perfect social distancing effect in which you prove your control over your audience! This is a great opener to any influence routine or set!
Numinous – One of the best and most organic peek envelope gimmicks I have ever created! It uses normal everyday envelopes but requires no switch of the billet and a full real time peek of the contents!
3CM – A stage routine using three Rubik’s cubes that is the perfect, mind melting opener. Designed to peek interest and engage an audience quickly and with ultimate fun!
2 Cubes, One Cup – A new routine based on 3CM but with the feeling of the chop cup. With 2 mini Rubik’s cubes and a cup, you can predict the outcome of their actions perfectly!
Tracker – A beautiful technique to perform super clean lie detector/truth teller routines, which hand effects, super clean propels mind reading and tons more!
Pinology – You ask your spectator to create a four digit number. You have in your hand an envelope and when it is opened, the four digit code is written on the paper! This is a killer simple routine that takes well
known methods and spins them on their heads!
Double Trouble – This is a routine developed for my live streaming shows that uses some cleverly constructed routining, scripting and gimmickry to create a beautiful distanced card reveal!
Final Thoughts – Discussions on routines with other people’s gimmicks including my routine for Promystic’s ‘MD Mini’ which allows you to force the outcome way before the routine started!