Michael Close – How to Design a Three-Trick Set



Attention magicians of all skill levels: It’s time to get your act together!

After being in magic for a few years, most enthusiasts acquire some repertoire – effects they can perform competently. While we spend a great deal of effort learning new tricks, we rarely take the time to organize our tricks into an effective act or “set.” Designing a three-trick set provides many benefits, including some you probably hadn’t thought of.

This Targeted Training session covers:

  • The advantages of a three-trick set
  • The function of each routine in a three-trick set
  • Strategies for organizing a set
  • Examples from Michael’s published repertoire
  • Designing acts for various performance situations
  • Expanding the three-trick set into a longer act
  • Suggestions for stand-up and stage performers
  • A discussion with Mac King on how his act developed
  • Suggestions for further study and analysis

This training is designed for magicians of all skill levels.