“Ori Ascher was a name I was not familiar with a few months back. After chatting with him and seeing his ‘Mavoch’, I predict he’s someone who will fast become known for his forward thinking. As many of you may know, I’m a fan of the pin divination plot and what Ori has created here is awesome. Casual, cool and straight to the point. Love it. Ori, you created something awesome! I love the way that they create the numbers and wish I’d come up with it!” – Peter Turner on Mavoch 2.0

For a long time, my dream was to be able to reveal a thought of pin code, without the spectator appearing to give anything away. I read everything I could get my hands on that was relevant. I have always loved working with prop-less techniques, but when I examined it from all angles, I just couldn’t find anything that felt as clean as the vision in my head.

Along the way, I started to develop my own prop-less techniques that enabled me to slowly break through the limits of what could be achieved with what was already available. I realised that as well as taking me closer to my dream revelation, I was also building up a toolkit of prop-less techniques that could be applied in a whole range of different circumstances. Mavoch is the result of the journey that has overtaken my thought process for over a year. Within these pages, you will learn each of the techniques in that toolbox, and ultimately how they can be put together to form a super powerful prop-less pin divination. Three versions are presented, but in many ways, this book is as much about the journey as the final destination- and what a journey it was.

Included are my breakthrough prop-less two-digit number reveal, two versions of my spectator as mind reader number routine, as well as a whole range of other new techniques including (amongst others) the Eureka Principle, the Corridor Ploy and three ways of discovering a thought of single digit.

The issue with many number-based routines is that they feel far too procedural or involve lengthy mathematical calculations on the part of the spectator. As my philosophy in mentalism is to make it easy for the participant, this was one of my conditions in the creative process for this book. The result are the routines inside- all of these are understandable, making sense and, above all, entertaining for your sitter.

Even though they are easy for the participant, the routines will require some work and dedication. However, if you are willing to put in the work, then it is totally worth it.

Even if you are absolutely terrified of numbers and maths in mentalism, I’m positive you will find value within these pages. The mathematics, presentation and subtleties – when done properly – make the effects feel natural to your spectators, as well as keep any suspicion away from the principles in play.

Here is what the pros think about this book:

“This is a superb book, that needs to find its way to every magical thinker’s shelf” – Marc Salem

“I need to say once again that if there is one thing I hate in mentalism, it’s numbers. So when Ori offered to demonstrate his latest work on PIN divinations over Skype, it’s with mixed feelings that I obliged. I’m glad I did. His performance was, first of all, enjoyable. It was easy for me to understand and follow, with no demanding calculations on my behalf. It completely made sense, and finally, it worked like a charm. Then, when Ori sent me the book, I discovered reading it his subtle mind and his attention to each detail. He seems to be sharing with me his focus on transmitting tools rather than simply describing routines, and in Mavoch that’s what you’ll be getting. Tools, that Ori put together in pieces that showcase their workings and possible applications. If you like numbers in mentalism and if PIN divinations appeal to you, I firmly believe you shouldn’t bypass this piece of work from a humble, nice, sharp and very promising young creator.” – Phedon Bilek

“Ori has created a monster! This book is huge and solid. After Ori’s performance I don’t feel safe about my passcodes” – Titanas

“Ori is a bright young talent in mentalism and Mavoch is an amazingly accomplished first book from someone who is definitely one to watch. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey, watching this project grow from its initial starting point to the fantastic collection of principles and routines that it has become. For me, Mavoch is fresh and exciting and takes its place amongst the best of the prop-less work that has been released. Ori has some amazing thinking and this is a great book” – Steve Wood

“This project is nothing less than a milestone in the history of pin code divinations. You might want to call him Ori Geller, ’cause he bends numbers like liquid metal!”– Nico Heinrich

“Having experienced these effects over Skype, I have fallen into the Ori’s mind traps many times. Ori puts his heart and soul into his work, and you can really see it. I have first-hand seen the evolution of his ideas in a short space of time and man does it look like he has typed IDDQD (Doom cheat code, google it). The scripting for these can be summed up by the words “.999 superfine”. And let’s not forget that these effects are kick ass. Do yourself a favor and pick this up”– Warren Thackeray

“You might not know Ori, yet. After this, I’m sure that you will keep a close eye to what he is up to. His first ever release, Mavoch, is an absolute beast. It plays well to the audience, Is deceptive and allot of fun. This is really great! There are ideas in here that you will not only apply to achieve this wonderful effect, but also use them to update and make existing effects better. I’m absolutely sure that you will love this. Enjoy!”– Luke Turner

“If you enjoy conversational, sure-fire, propless mentalism, then I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on Ori and his work. The routines I have witnessed all contain a clever mixture of principles that are hidden within a well-structured presentation. I’m genuinely excited about this release” – Josh Fletcher

“I encourage you to pick it up just to get a glimpse inside Ori’s head to see all of the different ways he has utilized numbers in such unique ways and with such a unique voice in the mentalism community” – Madison Adams Hagler

“Ori Ascher’s reverse pin divination is a game changer for spectator as the mind reader, truly remarkable and within everyone’s grasp to study, practice and learn. The combination and layered methods produce a finished piece that is worthy of being called Majestic” – Alex Alejandro

“It is obvious that Ori has put a lot of thinking and passion into this project. When a creator puts this much love, attention and effort into a project then he has my respect” – Manos Kartaskis