Mark Lemon & Peter Turner – MIND GAMES



Minds Games is an instant video download containing over 20 techniques to force ANYONE you meet into thinking of the exact information you want them to.

Cause them to think of numbers, words, playing cards, locations – anything. They’ll never know HOW you influenced them.

You will learn:

  • Spider Force
  • Peripheral Force
  • Billet Marking
  • Apple Force
  • Beach Force
  • Pre-quivoque
  • Equivoque
  • Pen Reading
  • Billet Peek
  • Queen of Hearts Force
  • 7 of Diamonds Force
  • Piggybacking (to basically force any playing card)
  • Place Force
  • The Invisible Pen
  • The One Ahead
  • Increment Force
  • Predictions & Switches

+ Many more tips, nuances, and variations in over 5.5 hours of expert video tuition.

Paired with the ‘How to Control Minds Kit’ – these little-known techniques, along with their surefire methods & back-ups – will make you a truly unstoppable force.