Magical Katrina LIVE (Penguin LIVE)



“Katrina is a pro. I’ve worked on stage with her, improvising magic in an impossible situation and we killed it. She crushed it. I’ll go into showbiz battle with her by my side any day!” -Penn Jillette (Penn and Teller)

“Hey Katrina. I caught your lecture yesterday and I wanted to tell you that you did an amazing job. Lots of practical info delivered in a breezy, fun style.” -Ken Weber (Maximum Entertainment)

“I thought your lecture was really strong. Lots of great info that I am sure inspired people to do better virtual shows. I got a lot from your lecture for my own shows. So glad you are killing it in LA. I can see now why you are working so much.” -David Kaye (Silly Billy)

“When it comes to virtual shows Katrina knows what she is talking about. Her experience and knowledge shines through and she makes it all highly entertaining to watch.” -Paul Romhany (Vanish Magazine)

“Your prediction effect was brilliant! I saw an online show where you did the same thing with pets and I was totally fooled. The concept is solid, powerful, and finally an ENTERTAINING prediction effect. I was seriously blown away by your talent. Between your awesome effects, likable character, engaging presentation skills, and really natural sense of humor, you are a force to be reckoned with.” -Richard Sanders

What will she teach?

Selection- This is the trick that fooled Penn Jilette on “Fool Us”. A completely customizable magic trick that works well for both kids and adults, as well as virtually and in person! An audience member is asked to help you divide a stack of cards/photos into two separate piles (similar to out of this world) the twist comes at the end when they have an entirely free choice of which card/photo to specifically choose. It is revealed that the magician knew exactly what card/photo they would pick ahead of time. I will touch on some handling tips and teach you the basics of how to make the gimmicks.

Callback Invisible Deck- Make a reference/Joke at the beginning of your set. Halfway through the show the magician does a standard invisible deck routine but with a twist. On the bottom of the card they chose is a message that references your joke from earlier. Not only was their card facing the opposite direction, but is the only one to have that message/word on it. Totally customizable!

Chocolate Appearance and Disappearance- Using a handkerchief the audience members help you make a single small object appear. such as a chocolate, a candy, a ring, a quarter, anything that’s smallish sized!
several more of that small object appear. make a single one of the objects disappear in a humorous and engaging way. There are two versions of the routine -one for children and one for adults.

Foreshadowed Mysterious Envelope Prediction- The Magician asks an audience member to think of an object. In a very silly way they attempt to read the spectators mind only to fail. It is revealed later that the magician predicted the thought of item and had a photo printed of the item inside the envelope the entire show. Works as a wonderful climax to a virtual show or an in person event! This one really shocks people.

The Personalized Message Switch- Now you can personalize any show you do in a quick and easy way! The magician reveals they have a piece of paper. Written on each side is “front” and “back”. The magician does a few folds of the paper only to open it up and reveal a magical personalized message has appeared. Takes less than 3 minutes to set up for each show and is perfect for all ages. Two different versions of this will be taught -both a smaller version for virtual/close up and also a larger version for stage/parlor.

Who is she?

Katrina Kroetch (AKA Magical Katrina) has performed her unique blend of playful and whimsical magic all over the world in Africa, India, Mexico, Europe, and America. She is a volunteer and advocate with Magicians Without Borders and the non profit Emergency Circus. She has been a cast member of the international touring show Champions of Magic and has been on numerous network television shows including Masters of Illusion and Penn and Teller: Fool Us . She has also performed in the virtual magic show for the Magic Castle and Academy of Magical Arts. She was featured for her magic in the Washington Post and in an article about Virtual Magic Shows in the Wallstreet Journal.

Katrina is the winner of 4 different magic awards including winning first place at AbraCORNdabara’s virtual magic contest in May 2020 and was awarded the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Children’s Entertainer of the year for 2020. Despite our changing world she continues to dazzle audiences with her interactive virtual magic shows.