Magic From My Heart by Juan Tamariz



Neither Deaf Nor Stupid (that fools even connoisseurs)
New Oil and Water (5 red-black cards)
Oil & Water with 3 Shuffles
Impromptu Deaf Nor Stupid (New Strong Climax)
Impromptu Real Magic
Techniques Explained:
Switch in N
Red-Black Preparation
Trueba’s Pass
TPC (New ways to control cards, apparitions, and rising cards)
DVD II “Exhibition” Deck

Juan explains a stack that he has kept secret for years. With this stack, he has amazed magicians all around the world. You will learn many tricks with it — even a Book Test! The most amazing thing is that you will be able to learn the stack really fast.

Suit and Number
To The Highest Card
Any Poker Hand
Any Suit… Any Effect.
Shuffle that Doesn’t Shuffle
Handling of the Exhibition Deck
Controlled Cuts
Hofzinser’s Culling
Half Pass
DVD’s III and IV

In the third DVD, you will find tricks with new effects and with mental and visual impact. And in the fourth DVD, Juan Tamariz explains his Color Changing Knife routine and very impressive effects using verbal magic.

DVD III Tricks:
Partial Divinations, Total Benefit
Card’s Book Test
Twice Book Test
Double Sign Cards
Three Complementary Shuffles
Classic Force
About Double Turnover
Tenkai Palm
Gambler’s Palm
Deck Switch
DVD IV Tricks:
Double Triumph
Double Travel
Central White Knife
Knives Handlings
DVD V Interview

In an extraordinary master class, Juan talks for the first time about the deaf technique, perceptive space, his philosophy about the double turnover, and new tips for the TPC. Then Dani DaOrtiz talks with Juan Tamariz about Juan’s life and work.