Lottery Ticket by Nate Staniforth



Lottery Ticket by Nate Staniforth

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It is if he wrote a masters degree thesis on the modern genre we now know and love as lottery prediction effects. Here Nate Staniforth elevates the lottery prediction plot in to a “miracle class’ illusion. Lottery Ticket book concerns much more than effects though…it covers the philosophy and mission we should strive for when performing any effect including the Lottery Trick. We’re all fond of collecting various “categories” of magic…for me chair predictions, design duplications, PK effects, etc. Here in one book, Mr. Staniforth fast forwards and saves us years of collecting, by assembling and dishing out many many versions of the Lottery Prediction.


You’ll find flavors from close-up and parlor versions, stage versions, simple variations and elaborate variations in Lottery Ticket. Find methods and handlings not only suitable for the working professional. But, also semi-pros and hobbyists with lot’s of food for thought. You’ll discover that each technique can be further applied to effects and routines completely outside the Lottery Ticket prediction plot.