With this 20 minute download project we dive straight into mind numbing optics that have some insanely beautiful moments.

All created with an organic object. An ordinary #2 pencil.

Throughout teaching his original Liquid Pencil Visuals you will open up new pathways of thinking regarding methods and black art.

These visuals play with the eyes in new ways that vividly push the boundaries of what visual magic can and will be like in the future.

These visuals have stunned some of the most influential instagram magicians currently in the game and you can learn them now. More importantly you have the chance to learn from calen’s mindset on illusions and visual magic.

Once you learn the build, you can apply a little bit of problem solving and create the same types of visuals out of objects like straws, sharpies or headphones.               (Builds with these items are not taught in the download.)