Less is More: Beyond the Book (May 15 , 16) (eBook included)

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NOTE: Recordings will be sent after the Live has ended.

Less Is More is a two day, online event bringing the book to life on screen. Ben will be expanding beyond the pages with new insights, techniques and routines—breathing new life into this modern-day classic.

There will be private hangouts after each session and long discussions into the night—creating a ‘convention feel’. This will not just be an opportunity to enhance your magic but to jam with and meet like-minded people.

You do not need to have read Less Is More to benefit from Less Is More, but if you have, it will be an amazing visual companion.

Only beginner skill is required… but the results will be world class!

Weekend Breakdown – UK Times

Saturday 15th May 2021

1. EVOLVING WITH SIMPLICITY  (5:00pm–6:30pm)
Showing how to ‘evolve’ an effect with simplicity
Thanks To Henry
Henry In Isolation
Henry Topped

2. TECHNICAL SIMPLICITY (7:30pm–9:00pm)
Simple but deceptive approaches to technique
The Any Card Game Control
Shuffle Holdouts
The Sting Cut
The Real Optical Shuffle

3. SKILLFUL SIMPLICITY (10:00pm–11:30pm)
Using the same simple position to produce different results.
Clean Cutter 1
Clean Cutter 2
Flow Productions
The Back Room demo


Sunday 16th May 2021

1. CLASSIC SIMPLICITY (5:00pm–6:30pm)
Demonstrating classic effects which have been ‘evolved’ by simplifying them.

The Resourceful Professional
No-Motion Ace Assembly
Stem Cell

Demonstrations of extremely realistic and magical card work through simple means

Exhibition Card Control
By Proxy Control
Real Ace Cutting

3. ULTIMATE SIMPLICITY (10:00pm–11:30pm)
Taking the philosophy of Less Is More to its ultimate conclusion

Get Mucky
Not Hard of Hearing
Selected Time Travel
An Impossible Card Discovery
The Unreal Transposition