Leading with your Head by Gary Kurtz




Gary Kurtz’ excellent manuscript entitled “Leading with your Head” is subtitled “Psychological and Directional Keys to the Amplification of the Magic Effect”. It is full of PRACTICAL knowledge on misdirection by using physical means.

For you workers out there, this book is incredibly valuable. read the principles and then go out and use them in your performances and you will be blown away at how effective this is. As he writes in the intro, once you get the “necessary evil” of having to fool people out of the way, you’ll be able to concentrate on more important aspects of our craft. The mechanisms of perceptions follow fairly predictable patterns. This book gives insights into those patterns and processes.

What “Wonder Words” is to language, “Leading with your Head” is to physical actions. If you are serious about performing, this book can shorten your learning curve significantly.

If you never perform for people, pass this by. But if you ever perform in front of people, this book will be very gratifying.